Invoice & Statement Processing Service

Match mail is an automated process that scans the content of print pieces and confirms that the pieces are matched correctly together.

Our in-house match mailing equipment delivers the reliability and speed you need for effective direct mail campaigns. It has fast, reliable folding and inserting so the right contents always go into the right envelope. We have the flexibility to handle both letters and flats in the same job which reduces time and labor.

Mail accuracy is essential when it comes to information privacy and customer retention. With barcode scanning options like 2D, your variable page mail will be accurately assembled, eliminating the need to manually sort the pieces by page count.

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A windowed envelope provides more than just ease of use and flexibility – it can be custom printed with your design or logo. Our state-of-the-art equipment & automation software, together with our user-friendly online ordering experience, allow you to achieve the look you want your windowed envelopes to have.

Let Evergreen make your mail stand out with our full color envelopes! Full color envelopes are a great choice for branding and business correspondence as well as ensuring your mail looks professional and classy.

Remember that great-looking envelopes make people want to open them. This is a perfect chance to promote your brand or business.

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